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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The new blood market.

I read an interesting headline today for this story, which prompted me to write this small post.

I predict that now they have some inkling that young blood transferred into an old body can rejuvenate it will usher in a new kind of pay-for-biologicals financial market.

 A lot of people give plasma today. Most of these are privately owned and work with the for-profit model. I used to 'give' plasma a whole lot when I was younger, but after I aged a little I could tell the decay of my blood when they pumped it back into me.

 Why couldn't I give some tiny amount of the 'donation fee' back to get that nice curvy shiny young woman down the row's blood. It might go down, it might not.

 My current boycott of the contemporary Plasma joints will end if all of these things occour:

  • They stop calling them donors with donations and start acknowledging it as salespeople with a sale.
  • They give 200% more in donor fees to allow anyone who goes all month a way to get by temporarily.
  • They pick up my anti-aging blood transfer idea and run with it, after buying it for a cool 43 million.

    <bloodcell graphic to go here in near future, for more read randoomblog>

Thanks and have a great two!


  1. That is interesting, it will usher in a whole new age of plastic surgery alternatives I bet.

  2. thats how vampire will emerge in the new era

  3. Not sure if this applies to Canada because it doesn't cost anything to receive blood but giving blood just gets you cookies.