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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brains, they're making brains!

Not really, they're just designing the next best things in computing to be modeled after the brain*not human brains but for some reason macaque monkeys(I read about it here). I suppose it would make sense to categorize synthetic memory systems to mimic the separate regions and functions of the human brain. Motor control and behavior get a chunk of play, as does temperature control and three types of storage. Long term, short-term, and placed thoughts or files are stored away in logical layouts that are most efficient in terms of throughput and rate of transfer.

 One of the drawbacks I see is not even a drawback. As brains age, the surface to store new memory is limited while production of neurons in the hippo-campus does not slow. Theoretically, someone living beyond normal ranges of age (max 130 or so) could not hold every long term memory they've made in their lives, however a computer would just need more space, material, and data to grow with time.

 Behavior is another area I'd like to visit. Most people would like a personal assistant AI that is helpful
 and non-intrusive, however there are those that would like to impose some more rude sentiments in order to
 interact with the user interface of their AI. I could not take it if the ATM, Automated Grocery Checkout, and Drive through speaker were to be disrespectful to me on a bad day. Most days I'd be like all the other techno-hounds and gobble all the 'new' up, but I know they'd have me hitting boiling points with rude AI behaviors.

 The synaptic speed in which they can handle data is mind-blowing. I know for a fact that if the experiment was set to figure out a way off of the fiscal cliff, it would have found it. Which leads me to my final question about this whole situation.

 How much bigger do we want our artificial brains?


  1. Isn't this how a sci-fi novel starts out? We create a supercomputer that mimics the human brain, and then it overpowers us and kills us all with its rationalized thoughts about how we're the enemy?

    This is very cool stuff, btw. I'm okay without a huge artificial brain, but I guess I've just grown too accustomed to my tiny, stupid human brain.

    1. It's exactly like you say, friend. There's no turning back once the full power of all knowledge together is unleashed. I guess the AI brainers will make fun of us old-fashioned flesh-brains once they've segregated us from the general populous.

  2. How big? Tiny! Not cause I hate intellegence, but cause I know computers use to be huge and now there a hundred times better and a hundred times smaller! They'll figure out how to miniturize the AI brain before its mass produced!! People will walk around with brains the size of walnuts and be Super Geniuses!!

    So that's why I want a brain the size of my pinky finger!!

    1. How clever for you to go Nano on Newstuff, Bersercules! It's true that they will be physically small and larger than the internet. I can only begin to fathom the repercussions of hitting that final switch.

  3. Just give me a cyborg brain already.

  4. If there making brains... I'm sure some people could do with some ;)

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