Greatest People on Earth

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Memories, in the corner of the trashbin.

 I'm currently sitting in what looks like a huge warehouse. Nothing around but two chairs. I'm supposed to be meeting and interviewing three separate memories to see how they feel about a new discovery. Scientists have now found a way to pinpoint specific memories and delete them from the hosts mind.

 Although I'm a bit miffed that they're late, it'll give me a little time to organize my thoughts. The first I had ever thought about this kind of tech was while watching the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". The love story was a bit herky-jerky, but definitely stuck with me. My belief has always been that the soul is tied to the mind in a way that surpasses any mere physical bond. 

 Oooh, here comes my first subject. I'm kind of scared, to tell you the truth. This badboy is draped in a darkness so void of light that I have to look away to a window to keep from locking up due to fear. I bow after extending my hand and noticing this thing has no hands, for this is "Bad Memory". He takes the seat across from me and clears his throat.

Me- "Hello, there. I'm very glad you could join me for this interview. Let's start by you explaining who you are."

Bad- "I am Bad Memory. I set up shop after a trauma in your life. Sometimes I'm repressed, but I always usually come back with an enriched vigor. I don't hold a maliciousness in my goal, but am always blamed for bad days and bad behaviors."

Me- "Fair enough. What case do you present for not being deleted from the brain?"

Bad- "Well, I have been known to teach people how to avoid the circumstances that caused me in the first place. Without the bad memories of history, one is bound to repeat the same mistakes."

Me- "That makes a lot of sense. Is there any reason you would allow deletion?"

Bad- "I guess if it's a humiliating circumstance or some waste of time that comes to mind too often, people might be better off doing away with me."

Me- "True, true. Thank you for your time, you can send in Good on your way out."

 Bad rises from the chair and moves fluidly to the door, leaving me with a feeling of dread at being so close to something so dark. I'm very glad to see him leave and the light of Good Memory stride towards the chair and greet me.

Me- "Please have a seat, Good. I'm glad you could meet me here today. I have a few questions for you. This shouldn't take long at all."

 Good- "My pleasure, Shock. You've treated my kind nicely, making so many good memories. Anytime you need anything, just ask."

Me- "How gracious of you. Let's start by a little background on you. Where do you come from?."

 Good- "I come from a long line of great thoughts, actions, and ideas. I can be glimpsed at once and give a great feeling all day. Reminiscing would not exist if it weren't for me and my kind."

 Me- "Would you ever condone a deletion of a good memory? If so, why?"

 Good- "Yes. One example is reading a favorite book for the first time, again. Those feelings of the first time are always greater than subsequent experiences. Who in their right mind would deny themselves that kind of repeated joy?"

Me- "Wow. I've never thought of that. What about deleting other kinds of good memories?"

Good- "I have mixed feelings on this. If you delete the entire existence of a relationship, it also contains the good times you've had, and that's not smart for anyone to do."

 Me- "Very true. You have added another good memory to my brain by answering my questions today. If you would send in Mundane on your way out, I'd be very appreciative."

 Good bids me farewell as he makes his way to the entrance to the warehouse. I was waiting for what seems like minutes before I was startled by a speaking voice before me.

 Mundane- "Uh.....Hello?"

Me- "Woah, you came out of nowhere. I'm sorry." I stand and bow to the third and most plentiful type of memory.

Mundane- "No need for apologies or bowing. I'm not at all that important. Good told me that you have some questions?"

Me- "Why, yes I do. Let's start with an explanation of who you are and what your major function is in the brain."

Mundane- "I am Mundane memory. I pervade the brain with the boring existence that is ninety percent of most people's lives."

Me- "Why would people wish to delete you, as they'd be taking rid of 90% of their lives?"

Mundane- "Because I am filler. I am the space between all that is taken by Good and Bad. People will feel a sense of adventure without me and feel a lot younger."

Me- "I guess you're right. I actually take mundane things and make them exciting, so I'll not be deleting you any time soon, as you're a valuable jumping point for me."

 Mundane starts crying. I guess he's never met anyone quite like me. I pat him on the back,(or is that his shoulder, I can't tell) and tell him that it's great to have a good man-cry every once in a while. He starts sobbing so much that I direct Good to come back and escort him out the door as I review the interview in the big empty warehouse.

 I thought he was crying for me, but that was a selfish thought that I may consider deleting in the future. He was crying because he was sitting in a brain that had deleted every memory, Good, Bad, and Mundane.


  1. Interesting post!

  2. so, I'm not the only one who personifies brain activity. :)

  3. Sir, there is a good chance you are a wacko.

  4. Meh, I've known how to suppress bad memories as long as i remember. That's probably how i get thru bad breakups and other bad things that happens in my life. I just ignore it until it's gone. Then again, i feel like things that doesn't takes me forward in life isn't worth my time.

  5. I surpress bad memories all the time, but they still arise before I go to sleep. :(

  6. If they did come up with a way to delete memories, I doubt I'd delete anything.

  7. Interesting way to look at things.

  8. That would be very weird. :S

  9. god.

    You actually made me laugh aloud at the moment when Mundane started crying due to never having been praised before. At least that's how it struck me...

    Just...woah, dude. Didn't see that one comin'~!

  10. Oh sometimes I guess people have to keep their bad memories, if not, you could just make the same shit, or let the same people does the same shit again with you. l:

  11. Sorrow were ever razed, and testy wrath. Supporting!

  12. This is quite an ingenious method of storytelling you have concocted here. I would never want to delete a relationship like Eternal Sunshine. Too much beauty to be lost. Great film though.

  13. Clever post. Eternal Sunshine is one of my favorite movies.

  14. If only it was so easy to delete bad memories, but they do serve a purpose, and they do shape who we are in the end

  15. I go against GM's thoughts. You are a genius.