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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kinetic Batteries: Moving Toward A New Future

Recent developments in technology have allowed for a new type of battery. A cell that charges through movement by harnessing kinetic energy and storing it for later use. The types of applications this tech can provide will change the world drastically.

 Think about powering a hot water heater just by a unit that's attached to the substrata of your floor. Each footfall, dropped item, and vibration would be harnessed inside a kinetic cell within your walls, powering your heater. Most times, you wouldn't even need to plan an activity to get this done. Just go about your daily life, and your motion becomes saved without being wasted.

A humorous application could be a "Flinstone" like vehicle that uses foot presses and arm motions to utilize energy to power ultra-efficient electronic motors. Your feet wouldn't be going through the floor, like the cartoon, but surrounded by a kinetic harvesting sheath. No gas pedal or brake? It won't matter, because by the time we have that tech available, the auto-automobile will be the most widely used vehicles on the roads.

 Saving lives would also benefit from this type of cell. Each time an emt runs out to a call or a beach lifeguard to a drowning person, the energy used travelling in their uniform would power their assorted accouterments. From motor driven flotation devices to defibrillators, energy to power these things can be charged up and ready to save lives at a moments notice.

 The sheer capacity of applications of this kinetic energy harnessing technology is so great that it will spawn a new technological revolution in energy saving and cost cutting. So the next time your pet runs all over the house, think of what all that energy can power in the near future.


  1. Interesting, not to mention it would encourage people to move around, converting calorie burn to an energy source!

  2. I had never heard of this type of energy. I'll do some research on it; it's very interesting!

  3. Science and technology go hand in hand...we should consider stuff like this as first priority.

  4. wow that's some amazing stuff, and I thought I kept up on electrical/technological developments...