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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Those stubborn fillies

I think that she uses her relationship with the fat fuck as a punishment to both me and her female guardian angel.

She punishes my presence with his presence.

She punishes her absence with his presence.

I left for a good forty-eight the first time she brought the snake in the grass into our apartment.

Surprised her that I didn't go the fuck away this time.

Show her that it doesn't have the same power it once did to perturb me, and she'll hopefully stop.

I told her his lying mouth can kill, and that he'd throw her under the bus to save her skin.

She rejects all advice of her Wali. She doesn't want guidance, but to share her pain through experience.

I truly hope this pregnancy is REAL. If she's making up this shit again to get attention, her downward spiral is gonna take others down.

I wouldn't mind him going down, but I don't want to see her ruin herself or anothe
r. I am only Wali. I can only advise and love from a distance.

I cannot keep allowing her to hurt herself while my wisdom still hangs in the air around her unwilling ears.

We can only lead horses to water, we cannot force them to ingest dihydrogen oxide. This, they must do on their own.

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