Greatest People on Earth

Monday, May 26, 2014

Yes, you can become invisible.

Once again my friends the line betwixt Sci-fi and Sci-real has been blurred once again. This time they've put very tiny things together that can refract light. How many uses are there for refracting light? 

  • Hiding zits from the facial area
  • Keeping a stash of ho-hos in plain sight
  • Staying modest when the whole wardrobe is out for laundry
  • Playing hide and seek*too few adults still play this
  • Preparing surprises for parties and awards ceremonies
  • Hiding those people you never really wanted to look at in the first place
  • Cloaking the vegetables on the plate
  • Making it seem to the tax man you have no items of value in your home
  • Quick alternative to house cleaning
  • Turn the hoard into an invisible clean area
  • Getting rid of those roadside eyesores
  • Finally turning all of the homeless invisible 
  • Invisible Campfires
  • New exotic dancer garb they don't have to slip out of
  • Making all stains disappear
  • Going off the grid
  • Seeing how the other restroom really is
  • Around the block peepholes for those really nosy homebodies
  • Tricking people into thinking their favorite restaurant got shut down and demolished

 Just a few ways that metamaterials that bend and refract light can brighten our days in the future.

Thanks for sticking around and checking it out. I'm off to clean my house or at least make it look like I did. 


  1. haha invisible campfires might get Smokey the bear upset. God help us if it comes out to everyone, the peepers will love it

  2. I'm kind of surprised that hiding in a changing room isn't on the list. The internet isn't as bad as I was lead to believe.

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